Sunday, 30 November 2014


 I don't like people that lie. I might lie my ass off . but I don't lie to make myself look better or put others down. Many people that lie , don't do that. Your reasons count too. Its not what you do, its why you do it.I care about the reason more than I do about the act. Sometimes bad things are done for a good cause. Sometimes good things are done for a wrong cause. White lies are considered bad. But with most girls , especially ones with insecurities , if your reply to do I look fat or do I look ugly, isnt either you're beautiful to me no matter what or no, its not only hurting her self esteem but also your body .
Okay better example. You get raped. You manage to kill the guy. Murder is bad; But is it not justified somewhat in this case ? There are various laws regarding this. Everyone has the right to injure or kill their rapist without repercussions.But it has to be proven that they did indeed rape you or try to. Murder is still wrong. However justified it may be. Homicide is still wrong. Doesn't matter if they deserve it. Doesn't matter if its self preservation. Aren't you just channelling the wrong they did to you by directing a wrong against them.?Killing someone ,including yourself is supposedly wrong according to public opinion. Even if it is for self preservation. You won't be judged for it. You won't be jailed for it. If you can prove you did it in as an act of self preservation, you'll have no repercussions. But , you have killed someone. Whether or not there are any repercussions. Murder is considered wrong. But , it is justified in some cases. That's where the statement comes in. Sometimes , something wrong (murder) is done for a good reason(self preservation). Reasons do matter. You may not face legal repercussions but over time you will face mental ones. You will have a guilty conscience. No matter why you did it. And it'll take years or months of therapy and other help for you to completely move on and learn that tour reasons were important and not what you did. That's the thing. Reasons matter. The conscience needs to be eased.
Everything has a reason. Even the most spontaneous of acts have a reason. You might not know the reason, but there always is one.For any sort of change to occur there has to be some stimulus. Some driving force. something that makes it possible. you wore red boxers.Is there a reason? Possibly. You also had a pair of blue boxers. But you chose red over blue. Maybe it caught your eye. Maybe it was clean and the blue was dirty. It could be anything. But there is always a reason. It may be unkown. It is hard to establish a cause effect relationship but everything has a cause. Whatever it may be. Maybe there's a being from the fifth dimension, controlling your choices, nudging you towards the right direction. Who knows ? "Wear red boxers, they ignore you if you wear red." There may or may not be. You'd never know. Cause is very hard to determine.But if an effect is sufficiently complex, the relationship can be determined more easily. Murder , for example is complex. A red pair of boxers over a blue pair is simpler in nature. What's the reason for that? Therefore one would find it hard to establish such a relationship. Murder involves a ton of psychological as well as biological processes. The release of certain hormones to give you the extra push. The motivation behind the act. Memories. Learning. Everything combines. But when it comes to randomly picking up a pair of boxers , actions are mostly Mechanical. They're on a subconscious level. You don't know why. You just pick it at 'random' Nothing is ever truly 'random'. However, this is not entirely true in quite a few cases.
 Attention is not as simple a process as you may think. There's observation of stimuli then its attention . then you focus.and then its perception where your mental and psychological forces are at play. Memories . learning. Emotions etcetera work together and produce a reaction. Perhaps it was Your laziness that produced the reaction which was to grab the nearest pair.But yeah, as I was saying. There is always a reason. Either conscious or on the subconscious level. For every human action. That's why psychologist work so hard. Unless you establish a cause and effect relationship you can never truly 'cure' something.You can tone it down , yes. You can control it a bit .but you cannot cure something completely until you know exactly what caused it. Psychologists study the reasons for certain human behavioural tendencies. Chemistry majors study the causes of certain reactions. What was needed to make this chemical behave in this way. The entire universe is based on a cause and effect relationship. The biggest question is always , why do we exist. Why do we exist? There has to be a cause for the effect that is our existence. There has to be a cause for the effects of the big bang. There always has to be a cause. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction We know the reaction. What was the action ? What caused god ? God himself is an effect. There has to be some sort of superior being that caused the existence of this one. So on and so forth. There's always a cause for everything. And we , as humans, with our curiosity spend our entire lives searching for causes of various effects. We study. We conduct experiments and research. We advance in our technology.

We do it all to find a cause.