Tuesday, 20 January 2015


You're beautiful. How many of us use this phrase at least once a day? How many of us spend our entire lives in pursuit of this famed beauty?
People do everything they can to be termed beautiful in the world's eyes. But we fail to remember, everybody has their own preference. If you have large eyes and I prefer someone with small eyes, you wouldn't be physically attractive to me for the sole reason that I do not like that particular trait. It doesn't mean you aren't beautiful. It shouldn't affect you.ten different people think you're pretty because they like that trait but you jump into a well because I don't ? Opinions of others need not affect you.
They say there is a standard to beauty. You have to be slender but at the same time have large breasts. You have to be tall and have poker straight hair and large eyes and full lips and a small nose and skin whiter than snow. Who came up with this combo? Extremely thin girls with large breasts ? Its natural for but a few. What makes it a standard if it isn't even common? Doesn't this mean that anyone who is not the exact combo is not beautiful? Is ugly? I don't see that many 'conventionally' beautiful girls going around saying that they set the standard for beauty. I see women that are dissatisfied with their own appearance, wishing for such combinations of traits and then blaming society for saying that these combos are beautiful and people without are hideous. What do you even think is society? A group of  people that come up with rules and standards that everybody is supposed to obey? Or is it simply you , Me , and everybody else around?
Nobody imposed anything on you. YOU decided that fair skin is beautiful. YOU went and bought all the creams. YOU complained to everyone about being too dark to be pretty. And it was YOU and only YOU blaming 'society' when your special products didn't work. You not only insult and affect yourself when you call yourself ugly for being dark skinned, you're condemning other dark skinned girls. Girls that believe that they're beautiful in the skin they're in. Its not oppression or someone forcing you to look the way they want you to look so they'd be more attracted to you. Its you having a different meaning of beauty and being dissatisfied with your own appearance. If you think fairness is beauty, you have every rght to go attain it. But you have no right to accuse 'society' or media or the cosmetic industry for that. It was your decision to go buy it. Other women like you decided that fairness is beauty. They decided to make a living off of helping you reach your goals. They share no blame. Men also play no part in this. If you are trying to live up to his standard of beauty , then you're the dumb bitch. You're too stupid to realise that the guy doesn't give two shits. Because if a man or a woman says they love you but that they'd have loved you more if..... , they have no place in your life. Change your attitude. Change your thought process. That's what changes society. Because , after all, it is you who are society.

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