Monday, 16 February 2015

Just another poem

We're the lunatics in this world full of normalcy.
The honest liars , unaffected by the universal hypocrisy.

Hand in hand , we'll take a stand.
For better or worse; ash to ash , dust to dust. Keeping in mind , the world has its haters , its got the just.
But the right to love is infringed by this superficial bunch.

Their judgemental eyes, prying noses. Sticking in places they shouldn't be;
Judging people who stick it in places they shouldn't be.

In god we trust , this godforsaken nation.
I don't think god cares if you're gay or lesbian.
Never was it written that it makes you less of a being.

But woe to the one who dreams of equality.
Support what I say or you're just spreading misogyny.
Racism and sexism don't exist for the majority.
All of this shit spread by  zealotry.

Spreading your legs is oppressing my feminity.
Misandry is a lie says she, speech full of obscenities.

Forgotten are those who suffer in silence,
The lies of brats masking the violence.

Where is my privilege? I'm straight, white, and male.
You sip on your pumpkin spice,
Telling me to rot in hell, For the basic  transgression of begging for help.

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